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※Children under the age of 12 cannot stay in the cabins (no elementary school students).
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Floor Guide

We pursued a functional and relaxing hotel environment to support our various guests staying at our hotel.

After taking off your shoes on the first floor and checking in at the front desk on the second floor, please feel free to relax and unwind at the lounge, stretch your legs in the public bath, and enjoy our premium tamago kake gohan (rice with raw egg) for breakfast.
We have also improved the functionality of our hotel to support the stay of our visitors, through amenities such as our selection of pillows, rental cosmetic items.
In order to allow our international guests to enjoy a taste of the Japanese lifestyle, we have also prepared a tatami corner where our guests can relax.

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Front desk & lobby (2F)

After taking off their shoes and going up to the second floor, guests can check in at the front desk which has been designed to create a warm atmosphere.
Our automated payment machines also allow a hassle-free check-out.
We also have multilingual staff for our international visitors.
Rental items such as steam irons, cosmetic goods and beauty appliances can also be requested at the front desk. Please feel free to use the convenience store located next to the hotel on the first floor.
○Check-in time: 16:00/Check-out time: 10:00
○We accept all major credit cards for payment
○For the convenience of foreign visitors, we have staff who can speak foreign languages.
○The guest younger than 18 years old comes to need written the letter of parental consent.
Could you download the documents from the following, and bring it after entry, please?(PDF:95KB)
Thank you very much.

Front service・Lounge Information

Delivery service
Delivery service
Rental of items
Rental of items
Copy and fax services (paid)
Copy and fax services (paid)
Luggage storage service (free)
Luggage storage service (free)
Convenience store located next to hotel (1F)
Convenience store located next to hotel (1F)

※Designated smoking room available. Please use the designated smoking room on the second floor.

rental service

Empty-handed but require last minute lodging? No problem!
We provide rental items to ensure our visitors a comfortable stay.

Free rental

A selection of pillows
A selection of pillows
Handheld garment steamers
Handheld garment steamers
Trouser pressers
Trouser pressers
Beauty appliances
Beauty appliances

※Rental items can be requested from the front desk.
※Please note that items may be subject to change depending on circumstances.
※Free rental service of beauty appliances requires a deposit of 1,000 yen.

Payment is also possible with ALIPAY!

Our front

Our front desk has been designed to create a natural and elegant atmosphere

our relaxing lobby

A selection of pillows and cosmetic items are also available at our relaxing lobby.

  • Automated payment machines
  • Automated payment machines that only require a credit card for check-out
  • Free rental service
  • Free rental service of beauty appliances for professional salon use.

Separate public baths for men and women (6F)

We have prepared separate public baths for both men and women where guests can stretch their legs and relax.
We have adopted nano bubble showerheads, which boast improved permeability and moisturising properties through patented technology.
The women's public bath is also equipped with a Japanese cypress sauna.

○Public bath opening hours  16:00 to 10:00 (next day)
○Woen's sauna opening hours  16:00 to 24:00

※The sauna is for women only.

Facilities and amenities

Body soap
Body soap
Hair dryer
Hair dryer
Coin laundry
Coin laundry

Day Trip Bath

"Day Trip Bath" and "Day Use" services are also available at our public baths.
(Loungewear for use within the hotel, bath towels, and face towels provided).

Day Trip Bath 1,000 yen (tax included)
Opening hours:
13:00 to 22:00
(Last entry: 21:00)
※The bath opens from 16:00 on Saturday.
Day Use:
3-hour plan
Cabin room + bath
From 1,900 yen
(tax included)

Operating hours:
13:00 to 22:00
(Last entry: 19:00)
※The bath opens from 16:00 on Saturday.

※We reserve the right to refuse service to tattooed or intoxicated visitors.
※The sauna is for women only.

Men's public bath with sauna (2F)

Public baths that are open until 10am the following day

  • サウナ
  • Relaxing sauna filled with the fragrance of Japanese cypress
  • Nano bubble showerheads (image)
  • New nano bubble showerheads that are gentle on the skin

Changing room01

Changing room02

Clean changing rooms equipped with coin laundry machines

New sensation! Nano bubble showerheads

Moisturise your skin!
Introducing the new nano bubble showerheads!

Emerge from your shower with smooth, moisturised skin

Introducing the nano bubble showerhead "DAKKI", which creates nano bubbles using patented technology to achieve improved permeability and moisturising properties.
We are the first in the hotel industry to introduce this technology.

Enjoy the new and gentle sensation of our nano bubble showerheads and emerge from your shower with smooth, moisturised skin!

Lounge, tatami corner and book corner (2F)

Our guests can enjoy meals and alcoholic beverages in the lounge, which will be open to guests at any time.
The lounge also comes fully equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing guests to use personal computers for work.
The tatami corner and book corner are also located here.

○Opening hours  16:00 to 10:00 (next day)
○Breakfast  7:00 to 9:00
○Alcoholic drinks available  16:00 to 24:00


  • Sofa
  • The relaxing tatami corner located in the lounge
  • Lounge
  • Relax to your heart's content in the book corner
  • Lounge Designated smoking room
  • Breakfast and snacks are provided at this counter.

Breakfast(500 yen per person)


Premium tamago kake gohan
(rice with raw egg)

Contains approx. 30 times more vitamin E compared to regular eggs!
We use "Kodawari Kazoku no Kodawari Tamago" eggs, from chicken that were raised on carefully selected feed and water, for our breakfast menu.

Premium eggs

○Includes one free drink
○Available from 7:00 to 9:00

※Children under the age of 12 cannot stay in the cabins (no elementary school students).

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Y's group

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  • Y's CABIN&HOTEL Naha Kokusai-dori (open in May 25, 2018!)
  • Y's HOTEL Shin-Osaka (now open!)
  • Y's HOTEL Hanshin Amagasaki-Ekimae (now open!)
  • Y's HOTEL Asahikawa-Ekimae (open in July 6, 2018!)
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